8 Ongoing Research Projects for Pulmonary Fibrosis


The world of science and medicine never stands still. Research constantly pushes things further along–creating, developing, and fine-tuning treatments so they are more effective, and working to establish why diseases happen and how they progress. Thankfully, pulmonary fibrosis research is also constantly moving forward. According to breathingmatters.co.uk, the Centre for Inflammation and Tissue Repair (CITR) at UCL Respiratory is working on several projects at the moment:

Investigating the development of scar tissue

Understanding why lung tissue becomes scarred will take scientists one step closer to coming up with ways to prevent it from happening or developing treatments to slow the progression or reverse the damage.

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  1. Debbie Guill for Robert Guill says:

    What other meds are available besides Ofev, I’m not sure how unsuccessful Ofev has been on my husband , but his dr. Was not expressing success as he felt, but that’s all he gave him in the last 8 months, with only one visit and one blood test since September. I know have another dr. At a large hospital going over his medical records. Please, can you tell me if there are other medical options when I have read about different medicine others have had great success with. Thank you!!!

      • Sharon James says:

        I’ve been taking Esbriet for about 8 years and my vital lung capacity has changed very little. Hope you can find someone who will prescribe it for your husband.

        • Joyce Douglas says:

          That I good news Sharon. I just was diagnosed in May and began taking Esbriet at the beginning of June. It hasn’t been revealed to me whether it is is working or not. I do hope my vital lung capacity also keeps at or stays the way it is now. I am able to manage fairly well. Yours was the first msg. that spoke about Esbriet so had to respond. Thanks.

        • Robert Morrison says:

          Hi Sharon,
          Am I correct in assuming that you are not in the US? Esbriet has only been approved for use in the US since 2014. If you have been on it for eight years I am very envious. You are very lucky to live in a place where the barriers to gain approval for medications is not as onerous as here in the US.

    • Dawn says:

      Mrs. Guill, not sure where in world you are located, but another approved drug in the US is Esbriet. Also, regardless of which medication your husband takes, he should, at the very least, have a CBC and hepatic function panel checked monthly for the first 3 months of starting either medication, and then every 3 months thereafter, if normal.

      • Joyce Douglas says:

        Hello Dawn. Good to hear from you also. I live in Canada and we have Esbriet here. I agree with the BC and hepatic function panel checking. I was told to have it done monthly and have a 3 month checkup with Specialist and then decide how things are going. Going for my 2nd 3 month check next week. Hope things continue well.

  2. Frank Brown says:

    I was on Ofev for almost 2 years and my dr changed me to esbriet for the past year or so. Wondering if there are any studies on the effectiveness of taking both at the same time.

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