Pulmonary Fibrosis Symptoms: Aching Joints and Muscles


Pulmonary fibrosis is a chronic lung disease where tissue in the lungs becomes scarred and thickens. This leads to common symptoms such as a persistent cough, shortness of breath, weight loss, fatigue, and digital clubbing.

Explaining the clubbing of fingers and toes in pulmonary fibrosis

Many pulmonary fibrosis patients also suffer from aching joints and muscles. As the condition progresses, less and less oxygen is able to enter the blood stream. This means that less oxygen can get to the muscles and joints in the body and patients may start to experience aching and general pain.

In addition, some pulmonary fibrosis patients may also suffer from mercury-induced damage to the lungs. Mercury toxicity can also reside in the muscles causing pain.

There are medications to help pulmonary fibrosis patients better manage their symptoms, such as corticosteroids for inflammation and oxygen therapy. Doctors may recommend exercise to help strengthen the joints and muscles. Find out more about aching joints and muscles in pulmonary fibrosis here.

Find out more about the treatment options for pulmonary fibrosis

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  1. Mary says:

    I have a lot of swelling in my legs constantly. Saw a Ortho doctor and it isn’t my two knee replacements that I thought it was. I really don’t have pain but very sore when they are touched.

  2. Marsha Spradlin says:

    Flu-like aching coupled with strange chest pain and tiredness sabotage my day. I was once so active, healthy and successful. Since I am on disability I often fall into the trap of allowing the term “disabled” define who I am. Pain defines my day. Are my feelings unique?

    • Brett says:

      I was an Ironman triathlete with an amazing job. Now I can barely walk and my job is hanging by a thread all in the span of two years. My amazing sexy wife is now my caregiver. No, your feelings are not unique.

    • Tracie says:

      I can relate to what you are saying. And sabatoge is the perfect description. You know what I am trying to do is to be kind to myself in my thoughts and words. Give yourself permission to enjoy a book, or family, grandchildren… Etc. On those days you need a nap just take one and don’t waste a minute being upset about it. Do what you can, and let the rest slip by until another day.

      • Rae G Simpson says:

        Hi i also have plumary fibrosis and emphysema i had to leave my job at Wal-Mart after 20 years i could no longer walk very far and my manager was always telling me to move faster i told her that i wish i could i would get out of breath just walking to the bathroom and very tired i tried to explain to her that some things are hard for me to do but she didn’t care she even blamed me for the store losing money because i was not doing my job fast enough i applied for social security i really hope that i get it and my biggest fear is being around so many people i already had the flu and

  3. Sara Hasbargen says:

    I was told I have mild pulmonary fibrosis after having a CT scan. The nurse practitioner told me I would be fine as long as I don’t smoke ever again. I quit 2 years ago. I have not read anywhere that says this is the case…can anyone help me out with this?

    • Tracie shollenbarger says:

      See a pulmonary Dr and fire the nurse practitioner. This is progressive and was caused by something. Possibly a medication you took? Mine was caused by Amniodrone. It is also by unknown causes. Very serious and should be treated such.

  4. Maria Gonzalez-Lee says:

    My right lung has scaring and I thought once I stopped smoking it will be better.
    After 9/11 my body has changed and still being screened

  5. John LaMonte says:

    I have I.P.F. one year since we discovered it, took a year to confirm it, getting more and more tired, legs hurt like hell most days, should be going on Ofev soon, Question, [total truth please] have I got two years left and is it worth the cost, we are not rich and I don’t want to leave my wife broke if my medicine cost all that we have?????
    I have had a good life, dying comes with living, a price we all pay!
    Is it worth the cost, the pain , the shortness of breath, the pain in the chest each TIME I COUGH, YOUR OPINION PLEASE.

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