5 Ways Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Impacts Daily Life


Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a progressive chronic lung condition which affects people both emotionally and physically. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a patient-focus drug development initiative where people living with IPF could talk freely about the effect the disease has on their everyday lives.

Here’s what they said:

Work and Home Life
Many IPF patients talked about how their decreased physical function affected their everyday life. Many were unable to do the simplest of chores without needing to rest afterward. Cleaning the house, walking up stairs, showering and even getting dressed presented problems and lead to depression for some patients.

Work and Careers
Patients are often forced to take early retirement due to the shortness of breath and fatigue associated with IPF, which can impact them both emotionally and financially.

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  1. Catherine Thompson says:

    We have a Disabled Parking permit due to my husband’s IPF. People do not see a disability and can be quite snarky about this. If he is not with me I do not use it as per the rules but it seems so petty some of the remarks I have heard. Sometimes the world is not a kind place.

    • Carolyn McGreevy says:

      Same thing here. The days I feel up to going out the handicap card is a lifesaver. I’ve had many looks and comments. It’s a tough thing to brush off.

  2. Monica Martin says:

    Every one of these is so very true about how my life changed. I have often said I should wear a shirt that says ” I am not contagious” Have quit going to movies and other places just in case I have a coughing spell. I can look back not and see how in the early stages long before I had any idea of what this was how it impacted my work life. Can’t do much if any housework without stopping and resting often and have little desire to bother people for assistance. Just keep doing what I can for as long as I can.

  3. Javed iqbal says:

    Suffering from fibrosis for almost a year, I miss the following in life:
    – I have been a golfer for a long time , cannot play anymore
    – cannot visit local mosque for daily prayers
    – miss my friends at Golf course and the mosque
    – my other passion is reading , cannot sit for long and read books
    But my attitude is to thank God Almighty for what I have rather than complain what I do not have- And, foremost, to have unshakable faith in God’s love and healing powers

  4. Javed iqbal says:

    I miss playing golf,visit to local mosque for prayers and my friends in these places. Also my reading books as cannot sit for long. But I continue to have Faith in God Almighty

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