Things to Keep in Mind When Considering a Lung Transplant

To be considered eligible for an organ transplant, patients will often go on a long and difficult journey. Candidates are put through a series of tests and actually receiving an organ will include a lot of waiting and hoping. To make the road to transplant a little easier, we’ve put together some advice from the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, so patients know what to expect.

If a patient decides to make themselves a transplant candidate, they’ll have to be evaluated first. Usually, the evaluation team includes a pulmonologist, a transplant surgeon, a transplant nurse coordinator, a transplant social worker, a dietitian, a psychologist, a physical therapist and an insurance coordinator.

The key areas they’ll be looking at are physical and mental health, along with the patient’s support system.

Overall, to be eligible for a lung transplant, a patient ought to be in good health (excluding the lungs), have an ideal BMI, be willing to comply with any prescribed meds and medical recommendations, be aware of how a transplant would affect them psychologically, have a steady support network, be aware of the financial effects (including how it would involve their insurance) among many other factors.

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  1. Richard Shelby says:

    “Overall, to be illegible for a lung transplant…” should be “Overall, to be eligible for a lung transplant …”

  2. Richard Shelby says:

    What are ‘LAS’ and ‘UNOS’? I don’t see where the acronyms are expanded or defined in the article. Thanks.

    • Joe Heugly says:

      The LAS is Lung Allocation Score.
      The lung allocation score (LAS) is a numerical value used by the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) to assign relative priority for distributing donated lungs for transplantation within the United States. The lung allocation score takes into account various measures of a patient’s health in order to direct donated organs towards the patients who would best benefit from a lung transplant.

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