9 Types of Interstitial Lung Disease

Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is not a lung disease itself but a group of several lung conditions, including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). You can see the difference between IPF and other interstitial lung diseases by looking at the affected lung tissue under a microscope. According to WebMD, ILDs attack the interstitium, the tissue and space around the lung’s air sacs.

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This large group of diseases is known for creating progressive scarring of the interstitium which can cause progressive lung stiffness that will end up affecting the patient’s breathing and decrease the amount of oxygen delivered to the bloodstream.

There are various lung conditions in the interstitial lung disease category, some forms of which are short-lived and others which are chronic and irreversible.

Some of these include:

Interstitial lung diseases have many conditions and symptoms. They can be caused by both autoimmune or rheumatologic diseases, and can also have no known cause. Remember, no matter the disease, your medical team is there to advise you and help you through.

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  1. Karen Calhoun says:

    You call it asbestosis which can be Mesothelioma .I feel this article is a bit misleading by not saying anything about this disease ! It is horendess ,sudden and fatale ! I have to speak up because it took my husband in 4 months after he was operated on to remove a mass on the outer lining of his lung . Took us another month and a half to get the final diagnosis because what it was saying on his lab specimen was the vague and the Onocologist wanted to start chemo without a true and final diagnosis . With mesothelioma chemo is not going to cure it and they have no real knowledge if it would extend ones life .
    With my husband , I feel if he hadn’t Been operated on he would be here today. He was in no pain, no problems breathing ,just that a mass was found on the lining of his lungs and the Drs wanted to operate and take it off to see if it was lung cancer . Once he had the surgery it was down hill .
    I’m sorry but your article needs to be more informative open and completely honest with the public . Your Disclamer covers your derrière . Just hope they scrolled down that far.

  2. Joan Egger says:

    i was diagnosed with intersticiary pneumonia/pulmonary fibrosis. i need to see and hear the latest developments in this regard because i wish to fight this disease with everything in my power to do so.

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