4 Common Coughing Triggers for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a public meeting in September 2014, where people living with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) were asked about the daily effects of the disease and the therapies that were available to them.

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One of the main themes of the meeting was how coughing affected people living with the condition. More than three-quarters of people attending the meeting said that coughing had a significant effect on their daily lives, with patients reporting episodes of violent coughing, uncontrollable coughing, coughing with thick sticky mucus, and some patients explained how their coughing fits led to shortness of breath, hypoxia, chest and rib pain, sleeping difficulties, and exhaustion.

For the majority of IPF patients, the coughing was usually triggered by one of the following four events:

Physical Activity
Many patients reported that physical activity associated with everyday tasks such as housework, climbing stairs, walking, showering, getting dressed and other activities that led to shortness of breath brought on coughing episodes.

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    • Maxine Moates says:

      What about cannabis oil? Is it supposed to help ? My husband puts a drop under his tongue 4 times a day. Has not noticed any difference, but has only used it for two weeks. Anyone else had any success doing that?

  1. David orr says:

    I have just found your Webb site ,I have never been offered any breathing advice or physiotherapy,But have in the last six months have been having tests at Guys Hospital on London and this week I have been told that the new drug NINTEDANIB is to be made available to me as from next week the consultant seemed to be a little vague as to what I can expect from this treatment as it appears there is only been available on the NHS for about a year and I have so far only a little feedback regarding benefits and side-effects know I found your website I will keep you informed I would be grateful if anyone has experience of this drug could give me some idea what I can or cannot expect

    • Mike Montague says:

      > David Orr My brother and I are on the nintedanib. He’s been on longer, I started recently. I have experienced only minor nausea on an occasional basis.

  2. Anne Philiben says:

    Having a bad time here with smoke from all the forest fires. But I have found that robatussin (sp?) with codeine works best for the cough. I have some codeine syrup left over from a surgery and I put a few drops in the cough syrup. Pray we get some rain or snow soon.

  3. Jerry Sue McCoy says:

    With this disease,everyday is different! All kind of ailments start coming your way! Just pray and trust in the Lord and take 1 day at a time! A very frustrating illnes! God bless!

  4. Vijaya Srinivasan says:

    I experienced all the symptoms everyone mentioned. Was on 24/7 oxygen. Finally received bilateral lung transplant 58 months ago. I am on several medications. Currently doing well. I am very greatful to the donor whose donation of lungs is helping me have a second life. I thank my surgeon, transplant team doctors, nurses, therapists and coordinators. I am very blessed to have caring family and friends. Without their. Help I would not have survived. God bless.
    Survivor of IPF.
    Vijaya Srinivasan.

    • Jayshree nair says:

      Dear Miss Vijay, my husband suffers from pulmonary fibrosis, just wanted to know where did you get your lung transplant done.

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