Answering Important Patient Questions About Pulmonary Fibrosis


In this video from Demystifying Medicine, learn more about the difference between pulmonary fibrosis (PF) and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and hear the answers to other frequently asked questions from patients living with the disease.

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The animated film tackles the subjects of oxygen saturation, shortness of breath, why PF patients cough so much, surgical biopsies, and all the scans a patient may need to have.

It explains that idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis only differs from other types of PF because the cause of the disease is unclear. The video also goes on to describe hemoglobin saturation and shares that it’s not fully understood why pulmonary fibrosis patients have a persistent cough but that there are some viable theories.

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  1. Barbara Barr says:

    Hi Kim. I really wish you and others would not simplify the difference between IPF and other types of PF. Even in the video the student says “main” not “only”. We really need to ensure that patients pursue an accurate diagnosis and not simply come out of their respirologists office with “I have PF and they don’t know the cause” and jumping to the IPF diagnosis.

    You said: “It explains that idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis only differs from other types of PF because the cause of the disease is unclear.”

    I worked with Dr Kjetil Ask and his students on PF questions and reviewed many of the videos before publication. Unfortunately this one got published first.

    I was disappointed that they didn’t point out the 2 main differences: no known cause + UIP-pattern of lung tissue damage. There are many other differential features as well such as predominant in the lower lobes and peripheral of the lungs.

    I was also disappointed that they compared IPF to an obscure type of PF.

    In addition, I had pointed out to them that the type of surgical biopsy is generally either an open or VATs and the image of a needle biopsy is not representative of either.

    Overall it was a bit ambitious for the students to answer those 4 questions in about 4 mins. However, they do an excellent job and there are many more PF related videos to be found on the Demystyfying Medicine channel on YouTube. Dr Ask provided this link to IPF videos back in February.

    Thank you for giving these videos more exposure.

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