What Do You Fear Most About Having Pulmonary Fibrosis?

Being diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis can be terrifying and confusing and often takes a long time to come to terms with. In this video from EmpowHER, pulmonary fibrosis patient Dyane talks about what she most fears about the disease and how PF has impacted her life.

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Dyane says her worst fear is missing time with her grandchildren. She has eight grandchildren ranging from two to 16 years old, and she worries that she won’t get to see important milestones in their lives. She also worries that the younger ones won’t remember her. Dyane says one of her biggest fears is asking for help; she’s a proud woman who likes to get on with things on her own without assistance.

However Dyane is a positive lady, and she won’t let pulmonary fibrosis stop her or slow her down. She still works, travels regularly and has a fantastic outlook on life.

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  1. H Johnson says:

    How about an article on the role of Prednisone in IPF. I have been on Prednisone at various doses for over 20 years, taking it for polymyalgia rheumatica. I was diagnosed with IPF about 2 years ago and am on 3L/O2 continual since then. Now I am on 40mg because my blood sed rate was over 60. before I started 40mg I had shoulder weakness and pain. Now it is better. Male 89 yrs THANKS

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