Modern Day Mutant – a Column by Ann Reynoso

Ann is a sociologist who previously used her degree as a college professor. Her life changed when she was diagnosed in December 2019 with a rare lung disease known as lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia, which causes pulmonary fibrosis. Ann uses oxygen 24/7 to help her breath. Ann is from a small town in Texas and lives on a small farm. She is now ready to move forward by reaching out to others who are just beginning their journey with this disease. She wants her column to show those reading that they are not alone in this struggle, that they have a voice and must courageously advocate for their health. Her motto: “Stay strong and don’t hide your illness.”

The Journey to Discovering My Human Superpowers

I just finished watching the episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in which Capt. Jean-Luc Picard was taken by the Borg. In one scene, the Borg turned him into a machine, or in Trekkie terms, a “cyborg.” This made me think of my “extra appendages,” my oxygen tanks.

Remembering My Mother, a Pillar on My Support Team

One of the most important blessings in life is having a strong support group. A support team may consist of family members, friends, or a community of people. My support team included three of the greatest people in my life: my husband, daughter, and mother. It is important…

‘Stay Strong and Never Hide Your Illness’

I will celebrate my two-year diagnosis anniversary on Dec. 11. On this day, which changed my life forever, I was finally diagnosed with lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia. My head was spinning when I heard these words. What is this illness? I wondered. Is it curable? It must be curable, I…