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      I try to read all that is posted on this.  Please pardon me if i skipped by this.  But ive not read anything lately about those that have been getting laser treatments.  Are there any updates on treatments and how are those of you doing?


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      Hi Thom,

      Thanks for writing to us. Yes, the discussion on laser therapy has seemed to die down a little bit. I haven’t tried this myself yet, so unfortunately I can’t offer any personal insights but I think John ( @caneelbay1 ) and @marshaharris can provide you with their experiences into laser and whether or not they are still seeking this treatment. Any insight you both can offer here?

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      john styles

      I have had 99 treatments to date, started laser January 17, 2018 and was diagnosed october 2016.  When I think back to January 2018 and compare myself to what I was doing and what I am doing now,  I  still have the improvement that happened after I started laser. My pft tests initially improved and I was waiting to post until I did another test. After the initial improvement I was stable and hope I still am stable with the pft tests. I do laser twice a week then the next week once a week then back to twice a week. I am doing 15 watts for 20 minutes.  I was steadily deteriorating before starting laser. My form of this disease is usual interstitial pneumonia, I think this form is more aggressive. I do not take the medication available because I have some liver scaring and I would only qualify for a transplant if I did a lung and liver transplant.

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      Thanks so much for writing back to us @caneelbay1 – it is so nice to hear from you John! Glad you continue to do well, and I know @thom will be happy to hear from you as well. 🙂

      I will keep my fingers crossed that you remain stable as well!

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      Karen Boettin.

      I’ve had around 50 treatments down to twice a week and I feel it has helped me a lot with my ability to go without oxygen .ex ample I can walk to my bathroom without o2 now and stay in the 90’s.

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      That is great to hear Karen, thank you for sharing! I’m sure it’ll help others like @thom who is seeking information on the laser therapy. Thank you for letting us know.

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