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      Director of Multichannel Content for Pulmonary Fibrosis News, Michael Morale, discusses a study that shows that a low BMI may be a risk factor for gastrointestinal side effects in IPF patients on Ofev.

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      What are your thoughts about this news?

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        That explains a few things!

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        Robert Morgan

          Great. IPF has reduced my appetite and food consumption, and consequently caused significant weight loss and lower BMI. It is a vicious circle. Taking famotidine, the generic Pepsid AC, has helped with acid reflux and increased my appetite somewhat. I am taking 100 Mg OFEV twice a day along with 801 mg Esbriet three times daily.

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            Mark Koziol

              Hello Robert and Jim, I really don’t like the word “might” in the title. Gastro problems can affect all BMI types. Until a definitive study comes it is basically a 50/50 chance you might have a problem. I experienced several bouts of gastric problems while taking ofev and I by no means had or have a low BMI. Thank you both for commenting. Please review the topics on ofev in our forum. Everyone had their own way of eating to avoid these type of problems. Mark

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