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      After being diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), many things change for a patient. Most notably with this disease, a patient’s physical abilities become drastically different as the disease progresses. As a result, normal daily tasks such as maintaining a clean household or completing chores can feel daunting and exhausting for IPF patients. This is something I am struggling with this weekend.

      I recently had friends over and while I loved the social aspect of this, and the opportunity to catch up with one another, my house was left a bit of a mess. Add this to the mud in the backyard due to the warmer weather we’ve been having, and my 3-year old dog …. this house is a bit of a mess! I really value a clean home, not only for my lungs and health, but for my peace of mind as well. Unfortunately, I had a tough moment yesterday when I realized how difficult it is becoming to tidy up my home.

      To other IPF patients, I wanted to ask you two particular questions about maintaining household chores. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


      1. If you live on your own, do you have any tips & tricks to share on keeping a clean home / completing household chores, despite your illness and possible physical restrictions? 
      2. Since your diagnosis, what chores are most difficult for you to complete? 


      Thank you in advance for sharing. I’m curious to hear how others’ maintain a tidy house with their disease, as I hope to continue being able to do this for a long time. Unfortunately, it does seem to be something that is becoming more and more difficult.

      Warm regards,

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      Cheryl Salazar

      Good morning Charlene

      I am very OCD it’s been extremely hard for me to let go of keeping a clean house. I have learned to let some things go I have three cats and two dogs one who has a bladder problem it’s aConstant battle trying to keep the house dust free and you’re free it ea Constant battle trying to keep the house dust free dander free ETC.I have been ordering natural cleaning products from a company called the Grove they are non-toxic and I get a subscription where they send me by monthly what I need. I also keep a spray cleaner in the bathroom by the kitchen and in other areas that I need to do a quick cleanup’s I keep my couch is covered so that I no longer need to clean  The pepper I just take out the blankets in the morning. I also have a natural cleaning company come in every six weeks to do a deep clean for me at a cost of $150 which I am more than willing to part with as this helps me greatly since both my kids are away at college I just have them clean the rooms that we live in and I close off the other two till it’s a little less expensive  I have learned to bite off one room at a time and not try to try and bite off the whole house LOL I also signed up for a website called fly lady that helps me prioritize my chores and has great ideas I hope some of this may be of help to you good luck

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        Hi Cheryl,

        Thank you so much for your contributions to this thread, and I am happy to hear that I’m not the only one with OCD and wanting a clean house! Not only do I know a tidy and clean house is better for my health, it also just makes me feel better emotionally too 🙂

        I also have given up on some things and just let them go, as hard as it is. There are just some tasks I can’t do anymore. I also have a dog and cat, so keeping up with the hair is difficult, although I wouldn’t trade my dog for the world…. the cat, maybe LOL.

        Thanks for sharing the name of the cleaning company as well. I order natural cleaning products that are essential-oil based and I love the smell and their ability to naturally disinfect. I like the idea of keeping some products readily available, like on the counters, etc. so that a quick wipe down is easier than doing a thorough one every so often. Thanks for that tip. I also like the idea of having someone come in every 6 weeks for deep clean. This was something that I’m not sure I could let happen awhile back, but based on my breathing issues now and fatigue, I think I’d be okay with it. And, since it is every 6 weeks I can definitely build that into my budget as its not every couple of weeks. Maybe this is something I should consider, even for tasks I can’t do on my own anymore. Things like cleaning windows is tough, I don’t have the strength to be moving around and wiping down windows with my arms over my head, I run out of breath or vacuuming is hard for me now because it is too heavy.

        These are all great ideas, I really appreciate you sharing them Cheryl. Thanks so much!

        Warm regards,



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