• Bob Humphreys posted an update 3 years, 2 months ago

    Mark, I’ve been on the Esbriet for about 15 months. Was 158 when I started and now down to 132. Have added smoothies into my daily diet to try and add weight. Working on it, both doctors know. Always a work in progress.

    • How are you doing with the Esbriet? It’s weird how this disease works. I needed to lose 80 pounds before I could get on the transplant list. I wish I could of given you some of my excess weight.

      • Not sure yet. Lung doctor said we’d be doing a CT in the next month or so to compare to the last one to see if the scarring has slowed down any. Esbriet leaves a funny taste in my mouth and affects my smell. Smell and taste is like the smell from plastic that’s not microwave safe. Not sure how it reacts with others.

        • Hello Bob, that is too bad about the Esbriet affecting your taste buds. I was on OFEV pre transplant and fortunately I didn’t encounter any harsh side effects.

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