• Brian Thomson posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago

    Greetings from Ontario little update theO.F.E.V is working well thankfully no problems after dropping to 100 from 150.Big issues now are lack of energy, just have to force myself to be more active.Not sure where I am on this journey but trying to do the best that I can.Lots of guilt lots of acceptance problems and maybe depression.I no longer like who I see in the mirror but it is what it is.Home care will be here Thursday looking to help me with my energy problems.I try getting out as winter is not a fun time here I find it hard to talk about this with others but I can always come here.Dying scares me not getting there does every day I wake up.Thank you wonderful warriors for being here.

    • Hello Brian, everything you are experiencing is normal. Hopefully you are getting your required amount of sleep each night and day. This could possible help you with your energy level. I appreciate your heartfelt honesty. This is hard to express especially for males. Consult with your doctor maybe there is something he can do for you to help with your energy level. Take care, Mark.

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