• Kathleen Greco posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    I just read in here that one person who is on Esbriet had a glass of wine or rum & coke..can you (anyone) know if you can have mixed drink or wine??? I would love a glass of wine now &then.

    • Hi @kathleen-greco, this is an excellent question! Probably one best suited for the nurse of the anti-fibrotic drug you’re taking, but I don’t recall ever being told I couldn’t have a glass of wine on ofev. I’ve never “over done” it since starting the drug, but I definitely enjoy a glass of wine now and then…. perhaps I should have checked this out first? LOL. I’d love to hear as well if someone on Esbriet and/or OFEV has been told not to have a drink with their medications. Maybe I’ll make this a forum topic Kathleen, then everyone can see it and reply to it so we might be able to get more thorough answers 🙂

      Chat soon,

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