• Paul B posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hello Everyone!
    I was dignosed with IPF in April. I’m 69 and just started OFEV yesterday. Mild side effects, no nausea. I feel so blessed so far in life that it’s hard to be upset right now. Going to Univ of Florida next week just for a second opinion, although I have a good pulmonologist here in Lakeland. Can anyone tell me where I can find the most current statistics for IPF average life-span, average time before O2 is needed, etc.?
    Thanks and have a blessed day!!
    ~ Paul in Lakeland

    • Hi Paul, welcome to the forums! Theres a lot of good information here about supplemental oxygen, antifibrotics, and life expectancy. Generally the advice among people actually living with this disease (which you’ll see frquently discussed in the forums) is not to put too much stock in numbers that doctors give you. There are so many variables with PF from person to person, and the treatments are relatively new so it’s hard to say anything with confidence as far as time goes. Read around here to see what I mean. You can type keywords into the search bar on the upper right of the page to see related threads.

      Also, just so you know this post is a status update, which means that most members of the forum wont see it. To get more responses, you could copy your message a d start a ci versation by posting it in the “Join the discussion” forum. To do that, click on the link below ans scroll to thr bottom of the page. There, you will see a text box to post to the forum. Hope that helps but let me know if you need more guidance in using the forums.

      – (@) September 26, 2021

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