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  • Charlene Marshall posted a new activity comment 1 year, 6 months ago

    Hi @rjmo3comcast-net (Robert),

    Thanks so much for writing to me, and sharing a bit about your story. Yes indeed, it looks like we were diagnosed with having IPF just within a few weeks of another. I’ll never forget April 7 2016! I’m really sorry to hear of your suspected exacerbation, they are scary and mine in May of 2017 left me fearful of this…[Read more]

    • Hi Charlene – Yes your response clears up my confusions and concerns and I thank you very much. Yes I am on higher deliveries of O2 and quite honestly now I wear my oxygen tubes whenever I can. I used to not use it until my sats dropped below 90. Now I wear it a lot and feel better for doing so. I am returning to the Midwest US next week and doing…[Read more]

      • Hi Robert,

        Thanks so much for you reply, I am really glad my response helped a little bit 🙂

        I am similar to you, and although I used to hate wearing my oxygen, now I can tell a big difference in how I feel overall when I am wearing it so my preference is indeed to have it on. Like you, I feel better when I do. I hope your return to the midwest…[Read more]

  • Charlene Marshall posted a new activity comment 2 years, 1 month ago

    Hi @rjmo3comcast-net, I’m so glad you’ve joined us! My diagnosis was early 2016 as well and although I wasn’t ready right away, I was so happy to find this supportive platform where others are going through I am. I find it very helpful to be part of this community, so I do hope you find it helpful as well. Please feel free to write any of your…[Read more]

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