• Sarv Punj posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    Dear Friends
    I have read some other threads in the Forums with interest about patients suffering from IPF and being treated with OFev / Esibret and some using Oxygen too. It is gratifying to note that most patients exhibit fairly good exercise tolerance. My wife 77 1/2 who was diagnosed with IPF 8 yrs ago right in the initial stages and has been under treatment since then, initially on Omnacortil, followed by Pirfenidone and felt fairly well doing all household chores etc. However her exercise tolerance decreased over the years and she had to use Oxygen in addition. Recently she had an episode of exacerbation and was hospitalised where she was also given Ofev along with Pirfenex and Oxygen. However there is no improvement in her exercise tolerance. Even Oxygen requirement has increased to min 4 lpm at rest and 7lpm when moving out of bed on wheel chair for answering call of nature. Does it mean that the disease has peaked and we cannot expect any improvement . I will look forward to your comments.

    • Hello Sarv, many people who go through an exacerbation do recover some lung function and some may even get back to where they were before the exacerbation. In my personal experience I recovered about 75% lung function from an exacerbation. Everyone is different, hopefully she will recover the lung function she lost. Take care, Mark.

      • Thank you Mark . It’s rather encouraging that you recovered your lung function by 75% and hopefully you will continue to improve further. This has kindled some hope in us that we can expect similar improvement in my wife’s condion over some time. Thank you again for reassuring.

        • Hello Sarv, I actually have received a single lung transplant. I am currently 4 1/2 years out from transplant and I now have 80% lung function and I feel great. We are always here for you Sarv. Thank you for being such wonderful caregiver! Mark

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