• Sarv Punj posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Hello friends,
    I read about laser treatment being used for Corona virus and that research might help evolve some treatment for IPF too. I talked to my wife’s pulmonologist who was not aware of this development. He has asked me to share more details about the Later treatment procedure. Could some of the better informed members give some information about this treatment. Thanks.

    • Hi @sarvpunj, the best person to probably help with this/answer any questions is either @caneelbay1 or @drandyhall 🙂 Either of you gentlemen willing to correspond with Sarv about laser therapy? Cheers, Charlene.

      • Hello Sarv,
        I have been using laser therapy for IPF for the last for myself. Have had very good success for IPF, but in no way should laser therapy be considered a cure but another way to manage the disease. I have referred over 300 IPF patients to laser therapy providers worldwide and the vast majority have some subjective and/or objective improvement. My laser PFT done 5 weeks ago was still better than the first one I had six years ago except for the DLCO had slipped some. I started laser therapy right after my IPF diagnosis. If you go to my website: summit-chiropractic.com you can download an article on laser therapy for IPF. It discusses the different wavelengths of laser, etc and has the current laser therapy treatment protocol at the end. You may want to share it with your pulmonologist and get him educated about it. I am conducting a research project on laser therapy for IPF and I can tell you that again for the vast majority of patients laser therapy can be very helpful and arrests or slows progression of the disease for most patients. 6 years after diagnosis and using laser therapy weekly I still have O2 levels in the hight 90’s. I continue to hike with my dogs and do everything I did prior to diagnosis so I think that I am a walking example of what laser therapy is capable of. As with most serious health conditions the more early stage patients respond better than the late stage patients.
        They are currently using laser therapy for Covid 19 patients in Italy and Malaysia and will do so soon in London. When I hear of the results on these patients I will be updating it on this site.

        • Hi Andrew,
          Thank you so much for giving a personal account of the treatment undertaken by you for IPF. The link sent by you will surely of interest to our Pulmonologist. I am forwarding the same to him. I am greatly obliged for this information.
          Best regards.

      • Hi Charlene,
        Thank you so much Charlene for the references. In fact I have already got a post from DrandyHall which is very informative. I am forwarding this to our pulmonologist for his perusal . I believe it will be professionally beneficial to him. Thanks again.


        • No problem Sarv, I hope it helps! Goodluck with bringing it to the pulmonologist. If you think of it, let us know what he says 🙂

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