• Sheila Blanchard posted an update 3 years, 3 months ago

    I was diagnosed with IPF almost two years ago.I am 78 years old I also have type 2 Diabetes for many years and now my Kidney function has deteriorated some.Some nerve pain and joint and muscle pain which I contributed to Diabetes could be from IPF. What I would like to see , if anyone has burning and tingling in lower legs upon waking in the morning?My disease seems to be progressing slowly,thank God, but I am very breathless especially when doing anything like taking a shower or making or changing bed.I recently went for a echo cardio gram and am waiting for the results. I am not on any oxygen yet, have tried OFEV but it didn’t agree with me had some bad side effects.

    • Hi @sheilablanchard, thank you for sharing a bit about your experience and I am sure that others will chime in to answer some of your questions if they can!

      Sorry to hear about your nerve, joint and muscle pain. Of course I can’t say for certain whether these pains are associated with diabetes (I am not diabetic) or IPF, but for my own personal experience, I can say that I have had increased pain similar to what you describe since my IPF diagnosis. Have you ever considered seeing a Rheumatologist for the different types of pain you are experiencing? Mine was wonderful and really helped me get on top of the pain for the most part. I don’t have the tingling/burning in my lower legs in the morning, however, I do get a dull ache in my legs if I am standing too long. Does anyone else experience similar pain to Sheila, especially first thing in the morning?

      Please feel free to write any time Sheila, I am glad you found our forums and have joined us. Please also feel have a read through some of the forums on different types of pain and management for IPF-related pain. there may be some information in the discussions threads that are helpful for you 🙂

      Best wishes!

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