• Robert B posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    @charlene-marshall I really appreciated what you wrote about finding some good things during this hard time of isolation. I identified with many of them. I’m walking my dog everyday which I always refused to do because I was always tired but it didn’t keep me from running around. I’ve had to slow down, which has helped me focus on taking better care of myself. I normal attend church often and 12 step meetings. Note I’m reconnecting to old friends. I never seemed to have time before. I watch movies without guilt and read more. I watch inspirational videos. Isolating has kept me from being exposed to more than just Covid 19. I had flu type A, then a bacterial infection for 2 weeks, then an ear infection (I still can’t heat out of my left ear). But I’ve refused to stay inactive until now. I appreciate discovering this forum. It is easy to think we are in it alone. I’ve been on oxygen 18 years, but for the first time I’m feeling good. Thanks. Bobby

    • Hi @westds01, Robert, thanks so much for your note and kind words! Although it can be tough to focus on the positive and look for good things amid this pandemic, I believe it is so necessary. Learning to slow down and focus on caring for ourselves a little more intently is so important and like you, a lesson I am learning during this tough time as well. Watching videos, reading and connecting with friends is so important and it feels good to do it guilt-free. These are things I love to do as well but often put the “I don’t have time” excuse in front of them, so I am enjoying doing this more often as well. Thanks so much for sharing your experience, though I am sorry you had to deal with the flu, bacterial infection and ear infection, how awful! It sounds very similar to my course in the fall – it was tough to get through, and now I refuse to be taken down by Covid-19. Stay safe and feel free to write us anytime Robert! There are great folks on this forum and we’re here for you. Kindest regards, Charlene.

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