• Anne Philiben posted an update 3 years, 10 months ago

    I use liquid oxygen and have found that I need to put the tank in a waste basket on the passenger’s floor and then use the seat belt to keep the tank from sliding. I would really like to find a solution which would give me 4 liters continuous or 6 L. demand and not so difficult to deal with.

    • Hi @anphlbn, thanks for sharing your update with us, it is nice to hear from you!
      That is a good idea, re putting the tank in a waste basket and using the seatbelt to keep it from sliding. Are you able to reach over and secure this once you’re in your vehicle, or do you put it on the passenger floor first then walk around and re-hook up your cannula when you’re seated in the drivers seat? I struggle to do the latter, but I also don’t like lifting my tanks across the seat, they are so heavy and awkward I find.

      Do you currently use a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) at all? Some of them have higher continuous flow litres, although I’m not sure which ones specifically. Might be something to look into for you…

      Take care and thanks for getting in touch!
      Kind regards,

      • I put the tank in the wastebasket before I get in the seat. Wouldn’t be able to walk around…well I guess I could get longer tubing. I used to use POC’s but find I need the continuous when I’m doing anything strenuous…which getting in and out of the car is. I’m trying to find a portable. Really cannot travel with the liquid O2.

        • Good advice @anphlbn, thank you! I am considering getting longer tubing right now actually, for a number of reasons, however, I don’t trust myself not to get tangled in it and wipe out or trip others haha. Goodluck with your search for a portable!

          Take care,

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