• arthur finn posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    THANKS FOR THE WELCOME. (X-Cuse). Maybe Truman was wrong and I can use this forum for friends rather than getting a dog. Am I alone in recognizing that the medical “system” is totallyt dysfunctional; provides very little to partients but is awfully expensive? To wit: Diagnosed with lung cancer in May after 40+ years of non-smoking. Tumor so small, found by chance of course, itcould not be biopsied. Radiation treatment in May. Absolutly no info of value from obnoxious MD in Phoenix. X-ray in July shows cancer gone but inflammation. Next x-ray shows inflammation, no cancer. Oncologist suggests Prednisone for treatment. I tell him I’m on 28 mgs for MG. End of conversation. So, I diagnose myself with PF to come and start some research. ALA says take 60 mgs for 2 to 4 weeks. I opt for 3 weeks. They then they tell you to taper off for 3-12 weeks saying there is not much info in this area. Truth is there is not much info on ANY AREA. It’s all trial and error. The pomposity, callousness and entitlement oif this “profession” is uncanny and unacceptable. I believe we might do each other more good than all the Oncol,ogists put together if only because wew care.

    • Hello Arthur, thank you for commenting. I am sorry to hear you have been mistreated by medical professionals. Please keep us updated. Mark

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