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    • Hi Bill! 🙂

    • Hi Bill, thanks for joining the PF forums and welcome.

      • This is my second post since I was diagnosed with IPF on Jan 26 and my next appt. is Apr 26 when I will have a 30 minute walk test to evaluate further. Originally I was told that I could expect 3 to 5 years and I believe I have used up two of them because I have been passing out after exertion since then. I have found all of these posts very helpful and the newsletter is great.
        One post was especially interesting about nerve pain in the legs, feet and other. I have nerve pain as a result of a spinal stenosis operation. Epidurals do not help much. The nights are the worst, days I am OK. Now I wonder is there is a connection with IPF. I see my GP in May and will ask if he knows
        anything about it. Meanwhile I look forward to all the posts. Bill Hunt

        • Hi Bill,

          Thank you for sharing a bit of your experience thus far with IPF. I am sorry to hear of your recent January diagnosis, and I hope your upcoming appointment goes well. I will be thinking of you!

          Has your doctor discussed using supplemental oxygen with you yet? I worry about your passing out after exertion being an indication that your oxygen levels are too low, depriving your other organs. Hopefully you ‘come to’ quickly after an event of this nature. Hopefully using the oxygen, even if it is just during exertion to maintain your oxygen levels will help prevent this and give your body what it needs during that time.

          I also found all the responses to nerve pain interesting! I thought I was one of the only ones experiencing this, and I was certainly comforted to know others experience it as well – although I wish none of us ever had to experience pain. Will you report back on what your GP thinks about the nerve pain and correlation to IPF? There is so much to learn about our disease and what is attributed to it vs. something else (like surgery, as you mentioned) and I am always curious to hear doctor’s input on things like this.

          Thanks again for joining us, and I look forward to connecting again.

          Warm regards,

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