• Bill Hunt posted an update 3 years, 12 months ago

    So far so good for me. I now have a SimplyGo mini which I use sparingly because I have not quite accepted my IPF diagnosis. i started Rehab last month for two weeks and quit. I was toting a canister on wheels and it made me feel like a tottering old man, which i am at 85. i had to promise to attend our gym, which I am doing 5 days a week where i ride a bike. I do not take my oxygen because I am doing OK without it. I know when to stop and re-coop. In September my wife and I will be in Ogunquit ME and walk the Marginal Way along the rocky shore. I will definitely take it with me. I try to live as normally as possible without dwelling on my problem. As time progresses this will probably all change. i will let you know if things get worse. I do enjoy your posts, some of which scare me, but I am an optimist.

    • Hi @bill-hunt, thank you for sharing this update with us.

      It certainly is hard to accept the diagnosis, and be willing to use the supplemental oxygen isn’t it? I remember this struggle well, and part of my refusing to use it unfortunately led me to a very traumatic hospitalization for me. Not saying this to encourage you to use it, or to be bossy, just to be aware of your pulmonary needs and the importance of not depriving your lungs of oxygen. I hated using my tanks and oxygen concentrator at first too, it was tough.

      I am glad you’re able to use the gym and ride your bike there without the oxygen. Kudos to you – I know exercising, even gentle activities, are not easy with a lung disease. I can still walk on my treadmill but unfortunately that is about all I can do any more, even using my oxygen.

      Have fun on your trip in ME, sounds wonderful and a good time of year to go. Enjoy it and hope you get to experience that trip to the fullest. Do let us know how you’re doing from time to time and please don’t ever hesitate to get in touch anytime.

      Kindest regards and wishing you the best,

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