• Bill Turnage became a registered member 3 years, 1 month ago

    • Hello Bill, thank you for joining your pulmonary fibrosis forum. Welcome.

    • Thank you Mark.

      I’ve been reading the comments and responses for several weeks, but this is my first time on the forum. Like most everyone else, I am learning daily about IPF and really appreciate all the information provided. Just a bit about my situation – I am 72, single and retired and live in Warrensburg, MO. I was diagnosed in July 2018 with IPF. I am currently on oxygen 24/7. Earlier this month my pulmonary doctor determined that I have fallen into the rapid decline stage. When I asked him about life expectancy, he said likely six months to a year. Obviously, I’m trying to do all I can to extend that time table, so any and all suggestions from folks on the forum are very much appreciated. Thank you very much.

      • Hello Bill, I’m sorry to hear about your current situation. I am glad you reached because there are many active members who can offer suggestions as well as Charlene and myself. We are the two co-moderators. My first suggestion would be for you to try and remain as positive as possible and stay as active as you are able. If you have any specific questions, please ask.

      • Bill, I just read your profile and you wrote your lung transplant status has not been determined yet. Are you currently being evaluated for transplant? Are they going to evaluate you for transplant?

    • Mark,
      I wasn’t sure how I needed to interpret that question on the profile, so that’s why I indicated my status has not been determined. My pulmonary doctor and I have discussed it briefly. Because of my age and the stress a transplant would put on my body, he doesn’t think it would be wise (I also have Type II diabetes). For right now, I’m inclined to agree with him. Not completely ruling out considering it though.

      • Hello Bill, thanks for the reply. Bill there is a window to be evaluated for transplant. It is a slim window. They will not be able to evaluate you if you are too sick. I do know being a diabetic will not disqualify you from transplant. If you are in fairly good shape and have a support system I’m place, I would have a more in depth conversation with your physician about a transplant. Mark

    • Thank you Mark. I don’t know if this would have any bearing on the transplant situation or not, but I forgot to mention that I also had a double heart by-pass operation in 2011. The heart surgeon emphasized that I did not have a heart attack, just a couple of blocked arteries and he said there was nothing wrong with my heart. I have had no problems related to that since the procedure was done. I will discuss this further with my pulmonary doctor.

      • Bill, I am glad you are going to have the conversation. Just as long as your heart puts out the required injection fraction I think most cardiac doctors would approve your listing for transplant. Keep us up to date. Mark

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