• Brian Thomson posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    I have been taking O,F,E.V.for one week and so far so good a little discomfort on the first night but since then all is good.I was wondering if I would have any of the side effects that some have,I take the meds 12 hours apart and have the alarm set on my phone for my evening pill.I try not to get too far ahead of myself just taking life one day at a time but methinks easier said than done.Stay strong stay connected.

    • Hi @brian-thomson, it’s so nice to hear from you – thanks for sending a bit of an update on how you’re doing! Really glad to hear that with the exception of the first night, you seem to be tolerating the OFEV well. I remember the first few days were a bit tough for me but then things seemed to settle out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it remains this way, as I know some can develop unpleasant side effects after prolonged usage of this drug. Fingers crossed it continues to go well for you also! Taking life one day at a time is a good motto- kudos to you! Agreed that it is easier said than done… hang in there and write any time!

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