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Hi everyone, my aunt was first admitted into the hospital in Dec 2017 due to shortness of breath. She was put on steroids for about a year and then after her symptoms improved, they tapered her off of it. However, the symptoms returned and instead, she was placed on Esbriet. She had been taking it since Sept 2019 and has recently (March 2020) stopped it because the doctor said her side effects were too strong. Having no appetite seemed to be her biggest side effect. She was due for a chest xray and lung function test later this month, however I think the clinic may have closed recently due to Covid-19.

My aunt doesn’t have any children so I try to take the best care of her that I can 🙂

She loves to eat.. so her losing her appetite was a big fear for me. She also lives in NY and I live out here in California.

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Gabapentin for her cough

Supplemental Oxygen


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How long have you or the person that you are caring for had PF?

About 2 years

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