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    • Welcome to the PF forums Darlene, thanks for joining us!

      • Thanks, great to be a part of this. I have enjoyed the conversations. For Christmas this year my Sister and I, we both have health issues decided we wanted to buy goats, donate to a water system and purchase ducks through a major organization. We do not need anything and we are enjoying our status as “goat owners in absentia” They help someone else and we enjoy the giving.

        • I love that!! I’m guessing the goats were purchased for someone who is raising them for milk/meat? Same with the ducks? What org did you go through for this? Sounds like a great way to help others this holiday season and you have inspired me 🙂

          • We used World Vision as our organization to support. I am sure almost any mission based organization has a similiar type of program. I think the UN also has something going. worldvisiongifts.org is a quick way to take a look. You are right the goats provide milk, cheese, yogurt and because we bought a pair there should be more goats. The ducks are eggs and the water project which we are just part of a group with it, brings clean water to the village. There are tons of choices and all forms of donations from just a few dollars to any amount you wish. You can choose to help domestically (USA) or international. Glad you found it interesting, Merry Christmas and hugs.

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