• Darlene Cochran posted an update 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi, Saw the question about weight loss. My experience was the time on Ofev pushed me into a weight loss mode. After stopping Ofev and then starting Esbriet, I continued to lose weight. Food no longer tasted pleasant, and I felt little in the way of hunger. I dropped from the 158 number to 120! Wow, not a good thing in one way as my energy left when my weight did. The Nutritionist I met with asked me to keep a food diary for a few weeks. I did and the result was I was actually only eating about 7oo calories a day. So, with some coaching, a food value list, and a serious effort to eat every three hours, I was able to build back to 1200 calories each day! As I relaxed and quit worrying about it, I fell into old habits. Now then I dropped to 105 lbs. Not horrible as I am only five foot tall. But again, energy left as well. I now have a routine in place, and I check to make sure that I eat 4 to 6 times daily. I have developed some go to snacks: (hardboiled eggs, dried fruit or trail mix, Peanut butter on : apple slices/celery/ritz crackers, English muffin 1/2, or just on a spoon, bowls of instant cream of wheat with brown sugar(yum), ginger snaps and whatever strikes my fancy.) I try to eat at least two veggies and two fruits each day. A six-minute microwave sweet potato works well with butter and brown sugar. As for protein, I have added a cup of ice-cold milk to my diet each day as well as an egg, I am not a fan of cheese, but I do make sure to have a meat serving or a serving of beans /lentils every day. I write it down and do a calorie count on occasion. I know I need to have 1200 to 1500 calories to support my activities and my Pulmonary Rehab. Making pudding, or custard/flan a couple times each week has also helped. This may not work for anyone else, but so far so good, I am staying between 105 and 110 and energy level is good.

    So, if you track your food, and learn to count the calories it really makes you aware of what you are doing. Awareness is the answer, at least for me. So now I plan my food as though I were planning a party, but is it is usually just for me. When I fix things like navy beans and ham soup, well it is a big pot, so I share with neighbors and family. Same with Spaghetti and Chili. They think you are nice and you get to eat something you could not make for just one! It is a win for everyone I have to remind myself to stay with it. It is easy to drift! So just some food for thought or maybe to help you stay where you need to be with your weight. Also cooking has made me open some of my older cook books and gosh so many good things to think on and maybe make or not, I also watch the food network as it encourages me to develop an appetite. Even if it is not great, as long as it is not bad, I tell myself, be grateful and eat!! May your taste buds be happy and your menu tasty!!

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