• Judy posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    @charlene-marshall I have a question. Here in Florida we are supposed to wear face masks in public buildings. I go out very seldom and have worn a mask. I called my oxygen company to see if they had received new orders from my pulmonologist yet as we have found sometimes the faxes don’t go through. Back to question she told me that I was better off not wearing the mask due to buildup of carbon emissions. That basically as an oxygen patient I am not only exempt from mask requirement but the mask can be more harmful to those of us with lung disease. I am a mouth breather and have lots of allergies to complacate matters and had been thinking about face o2 mask when wanting to be morr active. She wasn’t fond of this. Commented that some have used nasal canula , a new clean on i hope and put in mouth. Has anyone else heard of these or other solutions

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