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July 2017 I was referred to a pulmonologist after a CT scan of my lungs.  The pulmonologist referred me to the Advanced Lung Disease clinic at INOVA Fairfax hospital for a full workup including bloodwork. The initial diagnosis was IPF.

when the bloodwork returned one test was positive for Scleroderma.

I was started on Prednisone to control the inflammation and cough and 2,000 mg of Cellcept (Mycophenolate). In the summer of 2018, Prednisone was discontinued and Cellcept was increased to 3,000 mg.

March 2019 they tested my blood again and it returned negative for Scleroderma.  My lung function was down and they prescribed supplemental oxygen for sleep and exercise 2lpm.  My diagnosis was changed to IPF and Ofev was prescribed at 150mg in addition to 3,000mg of Cellcept.  So far no problem with taking Ofev.

Never a smoker. No industrial exposure.

Since 2017 I have been reading PF News.

Type of Diagnosis


Treatment / Medical Facility

INOVA Center for Advanced Lung Diseases and Transplants

Current medication regimen

Mycophenolate 3,000mg and Ofev 150mg x 2 per day

Lung transplantation status

currently in evaluation process

Supplemental Oxygen


Best advice for PF symptom management

In my case, I get phlegmy, mostly late in the day or when the humidity is high.  My Dr , prescribed Albuterol , and I nebulize(vapor machine) morning and before bed to eliminate the phlegm.


I take Ofev(4 months)and Mycophenolate(3 years) to control the fibrosis.

so far, I’m on my fourth month of Ofev, with no problem with diareah. I always eat a full meal, with lots of protein before taking the Ofev at LEAST 10 HOURS APART, at breakfast and dinner.

I divide the 3,000 mg of Mycophenolate into 1500 in morning and 1500 at night.

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PF News Website

How long have you or the person that you are caring for had PF?

3 years

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