• Daniel hartman posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    Off of esbreit for now, liver enzymes were high last bloodtest, waiting results of new test.
    Went from ofev to esbreit because of severe diarrhea, horrible stuff! Can only wonder what’s next!

    • Hello Daniel, hang in there. Hopefully the Esbriet will be the right fit for you.

      • Hi @danielhartman, I am sure hoping that Ofev will be better for you and hopefully with less side effects. Adjusting to Ofev can be tough, but the doctors are usually committed to giving you medications to help reduce those unpleasant side effects as well. Hang in there, and feel free to reach out anytime! I am also on Ofev 🙂

        • HI Charles
          Nice to hear from you, I’m off ofev, been off for quite sometime, had to go to esbreit, but my last blood work said my liver enzymes were high, waiting for results of new lab work. Off esbreit till dr.tells me to resume, or whatever .

    • John L replied 1 week ago

      Hi Charlene….New at this! Can I please ask you for some advice? Recently diagnosed with IPF & my Pulmonologist wants to start me on Esbriet. I am reading that you are on Ofev. Can you please tell me how you are doing with Ofev? Is this medicine sun sensitive like Esbriet? How long have you been taking it? Are you tolerating it well? Your side effects etc. Reason I am asking is because I live in Florida & am in the sun often. I hear Esbriet is brutal on you in the sun. I’m trying to see which med would be better for me. Sorry to be putting you on the spot but I can use some help with making my decision……any & all feedback is welcome for both meds. Thanks Charlene.

      • Hi @johnl, thanks so much for reaching out! Sorry I didn’t see this note before now…

        I am tolerating Ofev quite well, which I am thrilled with. I am on 150mg twice daily and other than some periodic GI issues, I don’t have too many side effects. In terms of sun sensitivity, there is some risks to being in the sun long-term on the medication, but less than Esbriet for sure. I was told to take precautions in the sun, but that is good practice to do at any time, regardless of being on medications or not. I do remember hearing that Ofev is less sun sensitive than Esbriet for sure. I have been taking it for 14 months. I think there are some additional risk-factors to consider (any other illnesses, blood thinners, etc) that help physicians determine which of the two anti-fibrotic medications are best for us to be on. I’d definitely consult with the doctors about which one they think is best for you, but if they gave you the option to pick, it does seem as though the sun sensitivity being less for Ofev might be appealing. Completely up to you though, I’ve heard people tolerate both medications, along with not tolerating either of them. Does this help at all? Feel free to write again!

        • John L replied 1 week ago

          Thanks Charlene for your response & glad to hear you are tolerating the meds pretty well. I pushed up my follow-up with my Dr. to the 22nd of this month so I am prepared to pick her brains & ask a lot of questions regarding this new diagnosis. I am not on any blood thinners & no real issues other than IPF. I am hoping to have her agree that Ofev will be the better choice. 2 pills opposed to 9 also. Still trying to digest everything that comes with IPF & how this is going to be life changing. I’ve managed pretty well the last 5 years with COPD just taking inhalers. I appreciate your response & support & will keep you in the loop with how things go…..All the best to you

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