David Maddox



Short Bio

I did kidney research for almost 45 years before retiring. The next question asks if I am taking an anti-fibrotic medication and while I was going to say no, in fact ARBs are anti-fibrotic in the human kidney and there is experimental evidence that they might do the same for pulmonary fibrosis.

Type of Diagnosis


Treatment / Medical Facility

Avera McKennan Hospital

Current medication regimen

Esbriet, 3 x 801 mg/day

Supplemental Oxygen


Best advice for PF symptom management

I began Esbriet a year and a half ago and my lung function has stabilized at 70%. I was also put on Metformin for early stage diabetes (HbA1c now normal). Also began an angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB, Losartan) at about the same time for blood pressure control. Other than the initial decline in lung function I’m doing well and my blood chemistries, blood pressure, and heart rate are all in the normal range.

Are you currently taking an anti-fibrotic medication?


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