• Delores Overby posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    Hi Charlene,
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your family. My family and I enjoyed a quite holiday. I’ve been reading a lot of information about the WEI Institue. I plan to get in touch with Gabby to find out with this is all about. Anything that can extend my life is worth while trying. I took the Gene test a month ago and was told I would get the results in Jan. I didn’t feel very well in December although my doctor said i’ Stable and my CTSCAN came back no change from six months ago. That was good news. Having this disease is very depressing, we all just want our lives back. I miss doing the things I used to do. I probably need to make an appointment with a doctor to evaluate my mental health, because I’m very depressed about having this disease.
    Thank you once again for giving us valuable information through this forum.

    Best wish’s

    • Hi Delores , Merry Christmas ….we had a quiet day on Christmas, haven’t even opened our gifts yet as of this morning. I am listed now and we are moving to Toronto on January 11th….will meet the surgeon on the 14th and start physio probably on the 15th……I sure hope that I don’t have to wait months for the transplant ….I’m so tired right now…..xo

      • Hi @delores-overby, so nice to hear from you as always! Happy Holidays – did you enjoy the last few days? Thanks for the update on how you’re doing, I think of you often. I will keep my fingers crossed that your results in January are okay and that you continue to feel better than you did earlier this month. Do you think you had some type of cold/virus contributing to your feeling unwell? It certainly is the season for that unfortunately. Kudos to being proactive in addressing your mental health, that is a very important part of this journey too! 🙂

        Let us know how your chat with Gabby goes at the Wei institute and if you decide to try some of their products – I’ve heard good things! Wishing you well Delores, keep your chin up and feel free to write us anytime.


        • Hi Delores, when you are on FB we can chat like we did before …..maybe text me when you are able to be on and I will go on and then we can chat again…..it was nice when we did….xoxxxoxo. 343-543-4565

          • It is so wonderful to witness friendships and support being offered to members of this forum. Reminds me what a special group of people this is!

      • Merry Christmas @sandravanzyl! I hope you had a nice holiday and so glad to hear you’re listed now – what wonderful news, albeit, likely scary too? Glad to hear you’ve made arrangements to move to Toronto for the time being and while you’re waiting for lungs. We should definitely grab coffee sometime when I am in the city, although I know you mentioned you’re very tired. Maybe after transplant? Hang in there and feel free to write any time and keep us posted on how you are. I think of you often!


        • Hi Charlene, I thought I’d leave you my cell phone number in the event we can meet up for coffee, lunch or even dinner, whatever works for you …343-543-4565 …I have 24/7 unlimited text and talk within Canada ….hope to hear from you soon …Sandy 😊

          • I would love that @sandravanzyl! Let me take a quick look at my calendar to see when I am in Toronto next, I believe its mid-January and then I’ll get in touch with you. I’d love to grab coffee or have lunch, that sounds wonderful 🙂 Did you have a nice holiday? I bet you’re busy preparing for your move to Toronto now? Take care and hopefully see you soon!

            • …Hi Charlene, quiet time here this Christmas , I haven’t left the house since Christmas Eve LOL and slept until after 11 am on Christmas morning…sleep deprived I guess. Haven’t seen 2 of my four kids or their Kiddies….I just can’t handle the excitement of it all and don’t want to be a party pooper so I’ve just stayed home. We did host our Annual Gingerbread House Sunday on the 16th , I was practically comatose on MOnday ….jeepers, my 91 yr old neighbour has more mojo than I do ! It will be great to meet you (hopefully)!! How often do you drive into the City of 6.5 million ppl ? I’m going to curl up and watch some TV now , it’s just after 11 pm….time for me to shine 🙄😂….

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