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    • Thanks for joining the PF forums Denny. Welcome!

      • Hi Charlene. I read these posts all the time but have trouble with my password. This post abou metformin sounds exciting. My fiancé’s ex just passed away and there are 8 bottles of metformin that he left. I will talk to my pulmonologist about taking them.

        • Hi @denny-eliassen, thanks for getting in touch with me. I hope I can help out with any technical troubles you’re experiencing on the forums. Are you having trouble setting your password, or forgetting it and needing to retrieve it? Let me know and I’ll see if I can get some clarification(s) for you to make it a bit easier.

          I totally agree with you re: the research about Metformin and it potentially reversing the lung scarring/tissue damage due to fibrosis. Definitely speak with your doctor before taking them, but hopefully he/she will be supportive given the new body of research that has just been released. Will you let us know what your doctor says? I’m curious what many different physicians linked to our forum members will say about using this drug…

          Thanks and wishing you well!

          • Thank you so much for posting about your experience with herbal treatment. May mother and I use many supplements to aid her ipf, she is not yet off oxygen , but is the best improver in the area with respiratory nurse. Do you or are you aware of any blood sugar diabetic links to ipf at all, I am curious as I am aware of blood sugar and diabetes linking with lung problems . thanks Zoe

            • Hi @zoejames, thanks so much for your post and good questions! I’m actually not aware of any blood sugar/diabetic links and IPF, and can’t even think of any forum members who have both off the top of my head who might be able to help you. If you’re in getting your Mother’s medication updated/filled, you may be able to ask the pharmacist if they have any awareness of this or could do a quick, credible search for you? I would be interested in this knowledge too but sorry I can’t be of more help. What types of supplements does your Mom use to help aid her IPF?

              Hope you’re doing well and thanks for connecting with us!
              Take care,

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