Gordon White



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I have never used any tobacco product.

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Mayo Clinic, Jacvksonville

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Put this with the Dentist Forum.  I can’t seem to get on correctly.

I have my teeth cleaned every 4 months in a partially recumbent position, but not flat.  My tank is at the foot of the bed and out of the way with 7 feet of tubing.  I have no real respiratory distress during the procedure as I still have  the nasal prongs in place.  At night, I am a stomach sleeper with my head to the right or to the left.  Sometimes, the O2 tubing gets wrapped around my neck, but is easily repositioned.

The dentist made an appointment to have a cavity filled and I said OK.  After I got home, I realized that filling an asymptomatic cavity would not lengthen my life which is now down to months, so I called and cancelled the appointment.

Are you currently taking an anti-fibrotic medication?


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