• Joseph Lopez posted an update 1 month ago

    I tried to respond but the site said I used an inappropriate word in my narrative (didn’t show which one) so I apparently cannot post the comments.

    • Can you try to respond to this comment. Thanks

      • Comment to Charlene as well, my narrative would not post. I guess it does not want me to share my experience.

    • I approved your membership, I don’t see anything wrong with your profile narrative.

      • I had composed a background narrative relating my experience with significantly mitigating my uncontrollable cough by taking a 10mg prednisone pill once a day.

        • Joseph, if you are able to respond to my comment I think you are good to go.

        • Hey @jalrio, let us know if you continue to run into issues. The forums can be finicky when it comes to posting content, and including any URL links will automatically flag your post for spam. Mark and I can follow some steps though to help ensure you get your post onto the forums successfully next time. In the interim (until everything is sorted) it is always a good idea to save your post (especially if it is a long one) to a word document before clicking submit, just in case. Let us know how we can help.


          • I tried again to post my narrative. The same comment from the system “you have used an inappropriate word” which is not identified. The only words underlined in red are prednisone and IPF.

            • Hello Joseph, I have been communicating with tech support. He has placed in a position where you should be able to write a narrative or post. Please try again, he also stated if problem still persists try and capitalize ipf and prednisone. If that doesn’t work maybe try and type the word out idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and leave out prednisone. Sorry you have to go through this. Mark

              • Thanks for helping @jalrio , @mark-koziol, much appreciated! Being added to the “whitelist” on our end should help the narrative post successfully, or so I hope. Hang in there Joseph, so sorry you’re having troubles with the forums….. we’re committed to getting your posts up successfully!
                Sincerely, Charlene.

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