• Jerry posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    Hello, all just wanted to give you my history i lost my mother to pulmonary fibrosis in 2001 i have since lost 3 brothers because of this terrible disease one in 2013 he was 57 one in 2019 he was 67 and just last month my last brother he was 65 i am 58 but very concerned about my future i am the youngest of 6 children i have no health issues at this time i also have 2 older sisters that have no health issues have talked to my doctor about this he is aware of my situation i have annual chest X-ray and stay active any advice on anything to help prevent or combat. Thanks

    • Hello Jerry, thank you for sharing tour story and family history. Hopefully this disease skips you and the rest of the family. The anxiety of thinking about what may be in your future has to be extremely agonizing. I was diagnosed in 2014 and they said it was not familial but my older brother was diagnosed last summer. He’s having a hard time with this where I was more upbeat. Every one is different in how they handle this disease. I don’t think there is anything to prevent the fibrosis occurring but I would say live an active life, eat well most of the time, exercise, and just live! Take care, mark.

    • Thanks Mark, for the reply hope you are doing well

    • Have you looked at genetic testing. My family is lousy with IPF as well and the genetic test gave me some info.

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