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    @steve-dragoo Hello Steve, I have been following this group from few months now and I cannot thank you all enough for all the useful information that I have found here. My Father was diagnosed with IPF in 2018 and has been on Fibrodone since then. He has been doing quite well with a stable PFT all these years but I do see a recent decline in his well-being because of frequent coughing fits and increased breathlessness with fall in spo2 with even minor exertion.

    He started taking NAC supplements after I found that it was suggested in this group, it has helped him a lot. I wanted to know how much dose of serrapeptase, and nattokinase do you take and what brand should I get. Also what else can help him with controlling his excessive muscus build up and sinusitis ? His coughing fits and breathlessness has gone up lately.

    • @juhi

      Hi Juli – NAC, serrapeptase, nattokinase – all need a word of caution. I’m not sure where you are located but the FDA in the US had many companies like Amazon pull NAC because people were using it to fight covid. But it does help a lot with IPF.

      With serra – it is measured in serrapeptase units (SU) and must never be taken anywhere close to other pills or food because it sees both as protein and that’s what it helps dissolves. You don’t wany any medication ever to dissolve ahead of schedule – did that once with metformin (diabetes) wish I hadn’t done that. I started at 400,000 SU daily and now take 600,000 SU – may sound like a lot but it isn’t. Find a source on Amazon or Walmart that has nothing else in it except inert capsule ingredients and look for a single capsule dose to be 120,000 SU and have him take 3 a day before he goes to sleep provided NO other pills are taken then.

      Natto is measured as FU units – take 2000 FU per day – no other ingredients except inert. If he is on blood thinners or any heart medicine be a little cautious. It is a blood cleaner (not thinner) and has helped my wife’s BP as well as other regimens she does.

      NAC is 600 mg per day but if I get more I will test out 1200 mg in 2 separate doses.

      Also want to say everyone is different when it comes to how the supplements potentially interact with other meds. Please do your due diligence first.

      I take natto and NAC with breakfast but some suggest NAC works better on an empty stomach.

      Hope this helps your dad and do look at the clinical trials going on some look pretty promising and take IPF patiens. If I was stateside I would like into them more.

      Stey well,

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