• Kathleen Greco posted an update 3 years, 6 months ago

    I have not been on to see or remark as much as I would like regarding news on PF/ IPF but do at glance at it then later I try to red more. I do believe this is such a valuable site for everyone who has P.F or in some way been touched by itas so many of us have.I have IPF & will be going into fourth yr…wow writing that yr down I must look up to be sure? I am not on Oxygen as yet & am 75 yrs old..had my share of problems, a lot of major surgery starting about 7 yrs ago ..both feet surgery ,then infections & on I V’s for long time which I learned how to do my own at home as hospital was so far & it was everyday issues along with wound vac pumping 24/7. Had bone grafts (bone feet) was confined to wheelchair for months sometimes,lived on third floor of apt building for which my son tied me wheelchair & got me up & down 3 floors until I moved to first fl apartment. Other that my son (only have one child) but my granddaughter too helped then she has since had twin girls …I am a great Grandmother. All that surgery & my feet are forever deformed now as soon as healing begin arthritis would set in major now.. I was morning the death of my mother & not paying as much attention as should when a car came out from ? speeding ,hit me. Had some major issues the should being the worst & that wa some yrs ago now need total replacement which because of IPF cannot have, actually that’s my most painful & biggest challenge now….then replacement (pretty easy that was) just started getting back to normal? what’s normal? have screws & plates in both feet but I walk…cannot move shoulder but I exercise…cannot wear normal shoes so gave away tons of beautiful boots & shoes & bought comfortable flats for going out..added pretty sparkle’s for dresser shoes & wear leg & feet make-up for those times Lol..I carry a lot of fluid for many reasons & told or asked my Doc’s to find out the root cause or they are all fired…Do have some heart issues too cause of IPF but under control for now. A lot going on as it is for many many people ( I too work at a cancer center VOLUNTEER) one always gets back so much more than they give…If anyone has seen any of my posts anywhere ever….they know I still dance..really do ,love it..indeed I will not stop…I will dance my way to my grave…Wishing everyone the best health possible..Here’s a little something I live by…Happiness is so amazing it really doesn’t matter if it’s yours or someone else’s, but do participate in it ,its that amazing & Dance.

    • Hello again Kathleen, I am so happy you have a positive outlook. It’s nice to see and hear about a PF patient who is so active and also helping others as you are. Thank you

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