• Kathleen Greco posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Thank you for putting my question out there about having an occasional drink, wine or some other preference. Also a big issue with me is swelling of legs ,feet & stomach protrusion (which stomach bloating is a side affect my Dr. said …as for other swelling it’s really becoming a big issues right now & waiting for answers… Maybe be due to pulmonary hypertension which one gets with IPF &, not unusual I understand…at first I did not have it & was so relieved, but then it did show up this last year….I was diagnosed in 2016. As far as aches & pains, yes I sure do get them a lot but then as I was reading about IPF not getting oxygen like we should because of disease (into lungs) then surely rest of body is suffering as we need that oxygen to reach all organs …once it doesn’t ,it makes sense that any pain we had before would become worse & we would notice more now. Have to run I signed up for a balance class through adult learning it’s very in depth *weeks) I do take a lot of different classes as I think we all need to learn new ways to deal with old age (a little play on words there, but really not old but just getting older…Lol

    • Hi @kathleen-greco, no problem, thank you for bringing it up to us as a question. It is a great one, and I am certainly interested in learning more about it as well! Sorry to hear you’re dealing with the swelling of your legs and feet too. This is a new symptom for me, and I’m not sure if it is medication-related or disease progression. I’ll need to remember to bring this up to my doctor, and it is particularly bad when I am standing still or in one spot for too long. If you could please let me know of any answers your doctor provides around this, I’d really appreciate it. I hope you find some answers and get some comfort from these unpleasant side effects soon! The PH was diagnosed in 2016? Sorry to hear that Kathleen, sure doesn’t seem fair that we deal with secondary disease on top of IPF.

      Have fun at your class, sounds like an interesting one 🙂
      Hang in there, and feel free to write anytime!

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