• Kenneth Overby became a registered member 3 years, 4 months ago

    • Welcome back Ken!!!! 🙂

      • I just was reading some of the comments made by Kristen and Ken and I just wanted to say something about Metformin. I am a Diabetic type II and was taking it for many years. However, when I had back surgery in 2017 and 2018 I was scheduled to be put on antibiotic (for 40 days) that tore up my kidneys to the the point that doctors put me on dialysis. And before they did they took me off Metformin. I say this because you should insist that your doctors address interaction. And trust me all prescriptions have interactions. The doctors finally put me on a more penicillin based antibiotic to finish my (27 to 40 )40 day treatment. After I was released I attended the Dialysis Center for 2 months and was able to bring down my creatinin to a respectable level where I did not have to go to Dialysis anymore and I had the portacath removed. God is good.

        • Hello my dear friend @keoverby … so nice to hear from you! Good reminder to all of us to advocate to physicians about drug interactions, thanks for sharing your story, although I can imagine that was a very difficult time for you Kenneth. So glad you recovered from this my friend, and thanks for sharing your story. I hope Delores is doing well! Sending love to you both. Char.

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