• Lesley Scheerle posted an update 4 years, 5 months ago

    @charlene-marshall Hi Charlene; I just posted on the other forum. Guess I have to try to figure out which is which. Which one would you suggest is best for general communicating with everyone? I mentioned previously about excessive sweating even when doing normal daily living. I’d love it if I could get answers from anyone else having this problem. My sister (who is a nurse) said it reminded her of the children with Cystic Fibrosis who sweat a lot from the effort of just trying to breath. I don’t think I’m that bad yet, but can’t think of any other reason for it. It just started a little over a year ago, about 8 months before I was diagnosed. Anyone have any answers? Would love to hear from you. Should I post this in ‘My Profile’ or in ‘Post Update’? Lesley

    • Hi @lesley-scheerle, I’m so glad you’re getting the hang of the forums! 🙂

      I designed the forums to be grouped based on factors specific to patients, or roles of those in accessing this website. For example, I tried to make a group for Canadians with PF, Caregivers/Spouses, patients under 40, over 50, etc. Then someone did a really great job at reminding me that regardless of factors like location, age, role, etc, all of us have one thing in common and that is: dealing with this disease. Therefore, I made a forum called ‘Join the Discussion: Welcome to All PF/IPF Patients”. It has been pretty active for general discussion topics pertaining to the disease, however, the 50+ group has been really active with a number of different topics as well. I suppose which forum you post in depends on what type of information you’re seeking. Sometimes it makes sense to ask a question to a particular forum group if it is an age-related question. Does this help? You are welcome to post the same question in more than one forum too, I’ve also done that 🙂

      With regards to the question about sweating, I would personally post that in the “Join the discussion” forum, as any IPF/PF patient could experience this from their disease and have something to contribute. If people don’t respond or don’t have too much to share then I have some other ideas on how we can get some answers to this question for you potentially! Let’s definitely stay in touch about it, but see if anyone can answer via the forums. Give it a shot and post your question here: https://pulmonaryfibrosisnews.com/forums/forums/forum/join-discussion-welcome-pf-ipf-patients/

      I’ll keep an eye on it for responses and if not, I’ll try another way 🙂

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