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  • Marianne posted an update 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    @jojo Hi JoJo –
    Many times a high resolution CT scan is enough to diagnose IPF. But in my case it was not. I had a VATS (video assisted) lung biopsy before they could definitely say it was IPF. The CT scan looked like a couple of different ILD – NSIP, UIP or IPF. Biopsy said UIP which surgeon and pulmonary doctor said meant IPF. I am in the US. I know it is a lot to accept, but the people on here are fantastic sources of information.

    • Thanks Marianne appreciate the info. I am in all the tests stage. I had a ct thorax scan done which my Dr said showed IPF. But he now ordered a HIgh Resoltion CT Scan and a PTF Pulmonary Function Test in the next two weeks so I guess I’ll know even more then. I have had the dry hacking cough some breathlessness fatigue for over a year and half so knew something was going on. Very frustrated with the waiting for more tests and results though. I just want a definitive answer so I can get on the right path and accept this diagnosis. I guess it’s the old once you know then you accept! Hope you are doing well…Thanks

      • Jojo – Yes it is very important to get the right diagnosis because different diseases are treated with different medicines. Best of luck to you. I had the dry hacking cough for 5 years. Primary care doctor kept telling me it was acid reflux until I went back in September 2018. Then I was sent to a pulmonary doctor. I went out for a second opinion to Ohio State University in Columbus as there are 3 hospitals in Ohio who have lung clinics they are OSU, Cleveland Clinic and University of Cincinnati. I figured with one of them so close to me it only made sense to go to them for a second opinion. Take care.

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