• John Brennan posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    Well.I am now 5 years since diagnosed Asbestosis(PUlmonary Fibrosis) Really nothing drastic for 4 years save coughing and occasional breathlessness .Always glossed over it.June this year after visit to consultant(which I`ve been under for 4 years at chest hospital) breathlessness hit me with a bang.Unable to do breathing tests successfully. All exertions no matter how small cause breathlessness so after consulting local doctor proscribed Morphine at 1.25 twice a day also referred to Respiratory nurse who came to see me tested for Oxygen supply by walking test upstairs etc and prescribed Oxygen as well as asking my doctor to increase morphine to 3 time a day at 2.5 ml.That s happening now however my panic attacks are fierce particularly getting up stairs which I am trying all types of actions, music,wife asking questions on way up etc occasionally works but by and large does not.Feel a complete wimp and embarrassed by all this so any help or hints really appreciated.My health workers have been incredible save my consultant who glosses over everything.Stay safe all Had a recent severe coronary so using Oxygen at the rate of 6 cylinders every 3-5 days depending on panic.

    • Hi John, you’ve posted the message as a status update, which means that not everyone in the forum can see it. I think you would get some good conversation going if you copy-pasted this post into the main forum. To do that, follow this link and scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll see a text box there that you can write or paste in 🙂

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