• May Mya Win posted an update 3 years, 8 months ago

    Dear Charlene,

    Thank you for the information about LTI-03.

    This is really an exciting- a ray of hope. So very encouraging if successfully produced and available.

    “This LTI-03, was very effective in preventing and then actually reversing fibrosis”, says Dr. Idell.

    None of the agents I know does that. They just prevent fibrosis so the condition is static at the most. Reversing fibrosis is next to a cure.

    Just imagine we will all be actually ‘better’. Not just ‘stable’. There would perhaps even be no need for a lung transplant. I hope there are few and minimal side effects so that we can withstand it.

    We need to be alive and relatively healthy when this breakthrough actually happens. Let’s all stay as healthy as possible.

    Please do what you can to speed its availability.

    I feel so hopeful and I am grateful for your information.
    Thanks again for the information.

    May Mya Win

    • Hi May Mya Win,

      Thanks so much for the update, it is always nice to hear from you!

      Yes, I am really glad that John introduced the laser therapy discussion a few months back, the conversations have really taken flight which seems to be helpful to so many! Glad you’re finding it hopeful, will you get a chance to try it do you think? I haven’t found any literature on laser therapy that has claimed to reduce the fibrosis, but slow down the progression hopefully! I haven’t done a lot of reading about it though, just what is on the site (I don’t have time to do much other reading these days :)) so I may not have come across the note by Dr. Idell.

      So glad you’ve found the site, and continue to find it helpful 🙂

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