• May Mya Win posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    Dear Charlene,
    I have been reading the news but did not go online because I was waiting to see what my liver function would be with the new medication pirfenidone.
    Having tolerated the two tabs three times a day, I am now on the maximum dose of three tabs three times a day. I noticed an improvement in my minimum heart rate. I am more active. I tolerate this medication well and don’t have any discomfort. I will be having a liver function test in the following week. I will keep you informed.
    I am interested in going on the Galapagos trial but I don’t know how to enroll.
    Thanks for all the information and advice you have shared.

    • Hi @maymyawin,

      Thanks so much for providing this update, and letting us know how you’re tolerating the Esbriet. What wonderful news that you’ve noticed an improvement in your heart rate and that you can be more active since starting it. That is great, as I know it can be a tough medication for people to tolerate, especially at the maximum dose which is seems as though you’ve achieved. This is wonderful news!

      Please do keep us informed about the liver test, I’ll be thinking of you! 🙂

      Warm regards,

      • Dear Charlene,
        Thank you for your concern.
        Thank goodness I can tolerate the other antifibrotic. Since both medications had liver dysfunction as side effects, I wondered whether I could tolerate this one.
        What a relief! I now feel that I will live a little longer.
        With all good wishes for your health and the health of all IPF patients,
        Warmest regards,
        May Win

        • Love hearing these types of updates @maymyawin! I am also very thankful you can tolerate this medications, and that you’re feeling more hopeful and relieved. Hang onto that, it’s important 🙂

          I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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