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South Bay, CA



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I am a 58 year old female. Born and raised in Southern California. I was raised fishing off Catalina Island for calico bass and marlin. I vacationed in Jackson Hole Wyoming fly fishing the Snake river. Like most kids, I didn’t know how lucky I was. I do now. I work with children diagnosed with Autism for the local school district. I love what I do everyday. I want to work as long as I am able.

Type of Diagnosis


Treatment / Medical Facility

I’m currently taking Ofev 100 mg twice daily. I am being treated at UCLA Westwood and have been very impressed with my physicians knowledge and concern.

Current medication regimen

Ofev 100 mgs., morning and night, 12 hours apart. This is my second try on Ofev. Previously I took Esbriet but could not tolerate so I was switched to Ofev. I had reflux and issues arose with esophagus and duodenum. I stopped Ofev until I addressed these gastrointestinal issues. After gastro issues were addressed and calmed down, I restarted the Ofev.

Lung transplantation status

to be determined

Supplemental Oxygen


Best advice for PF symptom management

I felt best when involved in pulmonary rehabilitation. I reccomend pulmonary rehab and continuing to exercise at your pulmonary rehab facility if possible. Talking to others at pulmonary rehab is very therapeutic as well. . I currently struggle in the heat and have an annoying cough. I haven’t found much to help these issues. I feel strongly that you really  need to research and take some time to think about undergoing lung biopsy surgery before you consent to having the procedure. Research what will change with the diagnosis and how that will affect the disease process. Understand every aspect of the procedure you are planning to have. I failed to do these things and jumped in for a cure that would not be there for me once diagnosed.  This was my experience but it does not mean it will be yours. Knowledge is power. I rushed to learn what was causing the lung changes I was experiencing. I thought I could fix it once I knew.  I should have done more research and asked more questions prior to such an involved surgical procedure.

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PF News Website

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2 years

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