• Craig Brennan posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Well I have now lived nearly 9 years with the knowledge of having IPF and I don’t have to tell any of you the adjustments I had to make to life in general. I first had to get my head on straight and then I tried to educate myself on the disease as best I could. For the first 8 years I had been virtually A symptomatic and I was going about life as usual although the disease was always and I mean always in the back of my mind. Most recently I had noticed a change in my ability to do anything very strenuous this started in March 2020 when it came time to start my yard work for the coming of spring. At first I attributed it to the fact that I was now 30 lbs overweight , or a little short for my weight , although this was just denial for I did not want to think that IPF could actually affect me. Well I was sadly mistaken as was indicated by my inability to walk from my golf cart to the ball strike the ball and return to the cart without exacerbation of the disease. In June of 2020 amongst the pandemic I was finally able to see my pomologist only to learn that oxygen was the order of the day. To start I was placed on 2 ltrs 24/7 and this did make my overall well being improve although I was still unable to do much around the house even making my bed exhausted me. Most recently on 11/25/2020 after another lung function test and a visit with my Doctor the amount of oxygen was increased from 2 to 3 ltrs at rest and while sleeping and raised to 4 for any activity. With the onset of the downward spiral comes increased anxiety, sleepless nights and thoughts of despair. It is a constant battle to remain positive and to look forward to each new day knowing that you can no longer do more than eat, sit and breath. I will in time accept this and all that this terrible disease encompasses and just felt a need to share with someone who understands. Most of my immediate family is in denial and that’s ok as when the time comes I know they will be there. Thanks for listening

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